My Favourite London Corners

I’ve decided to share with you, dear readers, my favourite London corners. Because I’m nice.

Make sure you visit those on your next trip to London.

And if you live in London and haven’t been to at least five, you should consider working less.

So here goes, in ascending order of favouriteness:

  1. Gold Mine – restaurant in Bayswater. Rave about Four Seasons duck all you will, I’m team Gold Mine.
  2. Patty & Bun
  3. Chicken Shop
  4. Soho – especially after dark. Such a random place.
  5. Alexandra Palace – panoramic views of London
  6. Notting Hill – you must have seen the movie.
  7. Borough Market – foods galore!
  8. Kingston – yes this counts as London.
  9. Richmond Park – make sure you don’t miss the walk down back to the station. Ask the guys behind the info desk when you arrive at the tube.
  10. Regent’s Canal
  11. Holland Park – this must be the most underrated, unknown park in London. Far superior to any other Central London park if you ask me!
  12. Primrose Hill
  13. South Bank – nothing beats listening to the maginificent LPO in the Royal Festival Hall before a walk along the Thames under the night sky.

    The sun sets on South Bank.

    The sun sets on South Bank.

I’ll add more when I can think of something. But that’s it for now!

What’s your favourite London corner? Do share.

Frozen love from London,


5 thoughts on “My Favourite London Corners

  1. Hyde Park after 2300 is also a random place.

    People doing funny stuff

    Waking up Swans and ducks

    Chill out long walk without any people

    Holland Park is also very nice


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